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Affordable Protection for Equestrians and Creative Retirement Planning

Olympian & ARM Ambassador Kevin Babington

ARM’s Mission: To protect equestrians with an umbrella of Living Benefits inside affordable life insurance and to work together to craft long term financial strategies to secure income for life.

“I regret not knowing about the life insurance with living benefits that ARM provides for equestrians. I was told, as a rider, I was uninsurable for disability, and I wasn’t. If I had known about this coverage, I would have taken it and received $1 million much needed financial help at the time of my accident. It’s not too late for you to protect yourself and your family with this affordable insurance.”

Kevin Babington

“Ride Protected - Live Protected”

Athletes Risk Management

ARM provides affordable term life insurance strategies that include

Living Benefits for protecting professional and amateur equestrian athletes.

ARM works with Kai-Zen to offer premium financing for cash-value life insurance.

Building Retirement for Equestrians Using Leverage

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More Money Working for you - More Protection for You and Your Family

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<b>Our Approach</b>

Our Approach

Affordable payments and peace of mind for equestrian athletes.

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<strong>Our Riders</strong>

Our Riders

We've taken cues from Olympians and equestrian professionals to address a lack of affordable full coverage insurance for equestrians.  Discover their stories.

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<strong>Our Services</strong>

Our Services

From full coverage critical injury to short and long term retirement insurance, our team of risk management experts can put together a package that is perfect for you.

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