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The Hottest Grandpa — Fountain of Age — Episode #1

The Hottest Grandpa — Fountain of Age — Episode #1

June 27, 2022
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Being engaged is a definite factor for retaining full vibrancy in retirement. Many among us take on the challenge of beating the stereotype of growing old. Having the habit, or developing the habit, of staying in the game is a way to compound your potential at any age. Thoroughly thrashing the usual expectations may be something you want to take on, in your own way. Reading on, we are going to take an excursion with great examples of those who say to those around them, who tell them to just settle into a quiet retirement, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.” They just do it.

We begin a multi-week look into the lives of some exceptional people of age. What do they do that we could do, in some measure, that would have an exponential positive impact on our own lives? This is not to say that we should become them, but what do they offer us as inspiration to do the small itsy bitsy things that can add up over time that are keys to graceful, dynamic living. It is about becoming the best version of ourselves. As a suggestion, let’s be open to these extraordinary exemplifiers, and at the same time park being intimidated. Let’s keep in mind that these people are simply plugged into and deeply connected with what they love and love to do. They just don’t let age be a factor in achieving great things.

We begin with Wang Deshun of China who walked the catwalk in a high profile fashion show that rocked that world. We will learn that he started the path that led him to the catwalk rather late in life. He transformed his body and mind into what has been called the “hottest grandpa.” What he tapped was his fountain of age, embodying “aged youth.”

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