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Pat Gallant-Charette Marathon Swimmer — Fountain of Age Episode #3

Pat Gallant-Charette Marathon Swimmer — Fountain of Age Episode #3

July 10, 2022
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Pat Gallant-Charette was a spectator mom, cheering her son on in soccer and swimming events, until she joined a tribute swim in Maine with the passing of her beloved brother. Before that, she had a fear of the ocean. Now, she is an International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Honor Swimmer.

Earlier this year she adventured to Israel to swim the Sea of Galilee, starting her swim on that day at 3:00 AM. 8 hours and 22 minutes later she become the oldest woman to swim the 20.5 km lengthwise crossing at 71 years of age.

She feels age is no reason to slow down. Pat is committed to make each moment of her life count. A retired nurse from Main, her daily routine includes two hours of lap swimming in a local pool. With her grandkids at the center of her life, she enjoys tapping her maple trees and canning Boston baked beans. With her busy life, she still manages to train 6 days each week.

The year before, she become the oldest person to complete the California Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming with the 19.6 km crossing of the Santa Barbara Channel in 9 hours 22 minutes. She was thrilled to be joined by a school of curious dolphins along the way. The three California Triple Crown swims also include the crossings of Lake Tahoe and the Catalina Channel.

Not satisfied with her list or world records Pat, is incorporating speed work into her training. She also has discovered a secret to support her long distance swimming. She takes her home produced maple syrup and mixes it with Poland Springs water to give her the energy and stamina she needs for those long swims.

We look for your continued news, Pat!

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