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At our firm, we have the client—and only the client—in mind.

Over the years, we have found that the equestrian industry - despite being high risk - had little in the way of risk management services.  While injury or illness in this sport can be life altering, there's no reason that financial ruin should accompany such traumatic events.

Some equestrians believe themselves to be uninsurable; others that they cannot afford the payments.  Our advisors set out to address these falsehoods.  As equestrians ourselves, we work with a variety of riders and their families to make sure our sport gets the coverage it needs and deserves.  

Geoffrey Wight

Geoffrey Wight

ARM's founder and a lifelong equestrian, Geoff’s life path has blended world class entertainment and sports with business and personal finance.   Geoff is passionate about horses and protecting riders. A serious jumping accident in 1985 brought him perilously close to personal tragedy. His wife, Licia, had a horse roll on her that ended her career as a top trainer, preparing Grand Prix jumping horses. To Geoff, protecting riders against critical injury risk is personal.

His sports career is a “Jerry McGuire” story, beginning at IMG, the sports management juggernaut. There, he ran the Special Projects division out of New York, generating new and original television properties and events such as, The Jackson Family Honors, the reunion of Michael Jackson and his family on NBC; “The Royal India-USA Polo Exchange,” with The Maharaja of Jaipur that included events with Prince Charles, the Sultan of Brunei and polo’s greatest players; representation of the American GrandPrix Association; consulting with the USET to create the Festival of Champions for their Gladstone, NJ home; coordinating US eventing activities for Chef d'Equipe Capt. Mark Phillips and more.

Geoff’s passion is to provide affordable term life insurance for equestrians, with Living Benefits that include Critical Injury, Critical Illness, Chronic Illness and Terminal Illness, wrapped in one package. Also, Indexed Universal Life policies with Kai-Zen premium financing can give you 60-100% more money in retirement. More money working for you, more protection for you and your family.

Kevin Babington

Kevin Babington

Irishman Kevin Babington's highly decorated career includes multiple CSIO3*, 4*, and 5* wins, CHIO team rides for Ireland, and a 2004 Olympic bid.  He has consistently been at the top of the sport for more than a decade.  On August 30, 2019, however, he endured a life changing injury during the Hampton Classic Horse Show.  While making amazing strides in his recovery, Kevin is paralyzed from the shoulders down and has now made it his life mission to not only return to the saddle, but also change the safety dynamic in equestrian sports.  

Through his own experiences in managing a critical injury, Kevin and his family are advocates of protection of all forms, including life insurance.


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Nona Garson

Nona Garson

Nona Garson is another household equestrian name.  She represented the United States across the globe as a show jumper, including taking her super horse Rhythmical to the 2000 Olympic Games.  She has multiple international Grand Prix victories to her name, and continues to ride, train, and show out of her farms in Asbury, New Jersey and Wellington, Florida.  Nona also manages a year-long series of shows out of both facilities.  

She brings an acute knowledge of many aspects of the horse industry to the ARM team, and knows the value of investing in the future.  With her guidance and advocacy, Nona has helped ARM grow and efficiently address the needs of equestrians around the country.

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