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Classical Horesmanship in Modern Times 

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“eQuest”  © a web-based (initially) television program

A destination or “goal” that has scope for greatness with intrinsic value can be defined as something that makes a difference to others, moves them and inspires others in their own journey. It is a quest.

eQuest as a program is a vehicle, but more important, eQuest is an embodiment of the inner urge that ignites that mysterious internal equestrian desire — to experience a dynamic union of oneness with the horse. Our goal is to re-ignite the understanding of the “art of classical horsemanship,” through interesting, relevant and fun conversations between two greats, Nona Garson and Kevin Babington. The show will be future oriented, with retrospectives on our great horsemen of the past, commentary on the current state of our sport, and the carving out of a vision for the future that sustains the beauty and integrity of riding by focusing on the horse as what it’s all about.

The lives of both Nona and Kevin as a legacy contain this potential, and their continued commitment to the sport, no matter what, is the inspiration that is the cohesion for this program concept. Both are Olympians, both worked their way into the sport and both have captured the hearts of their colleagues and the respect fans.

eQuest will be a monthly series that will invite other top equestrians and those aspiring to greatness to talk about the nitty-gritty of training, developing horses, managing barns and competing to achieve goals. Nona and Kevin will get into each subject with enthusiasm and with the “mind of the beginner,” being that of revealing and sharing of insights, experience and discoveries that led them to realize their Olympic aspirations, and dropping back into the day-to-day grind of what it takes to realize our individual goals.

 eQuest allows us to look into the past (the greats who proceeded and influenced today’s riders); the bringing of the that past alive (in the storytelling process); an assessment and commentary on the current equestrian environment; and the laying out of a vision for the future that is based in the foundation of classical horsemanship (return to the roots).  When we, as equestrians, truly yield ourselves to the horse, we enter the world of the divine gift of the horse and becoming one with this most magnificent creature. We are transformed.  It is all about the horse. Behind (literally – under) both Nona and Kevin there are their great horses. There is a Seabiscuit or a Secretariat story in here (Rhythmical for Nona and Carling King for Kevin).

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